Treating oneself by wearing a natural stone object or jewel is not new and litho-therapy, a method of treatment using natural stones and crystals, has been around for thousands of years. Indeed, it uses the energy of stones to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind. Today, the tiger’s eye stone is widely used in lithotherapy but also in jewellery. We find the eye of tiger mounted on jewels such as necklace eye of tiger, bracelet eye of tiger, etc… For more details, visit


The use of natural stones and minerals has been practiced since time immemorial and by many civilizations. The first traces can be found in China, Tibet, Japan and Mongolia, a country where stones were reduced to powder before being swallowed as a remedy. In Europe, in the Middle Ages, it was the alchemists who mastered the beneficial and magical virtues of stones and minerals. Today, litho-therapy is believed or not, in any case it counts thousands of followers and the sale of natural stones and minerals has become a flourishing activity. The explanation of the litho-therapists can be summed up very simply: « minerals are not inert, one can learn or rather relearn to feel their energy, it is like a sense that one would have lost ».


Those who are convinced of the beneficial properties of stones and crystals or who would like to « try » can find a wide range of stones, jewellery and natural stone objects in online shops like or at craft markets. Natural stones are beautiful to look at because their colours are magnificent and when mounted in jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, pendants or rings, they become even more expressive. Do they have beneficial virtues, do they exert a magical power when you wear them?  Unanswered questions and a trip to the land of mystery assured. In practice, it is very simple, « You hold the stones in your hands, or on your body, you feel tingling, warmth… You listen to their voice ».


Litho-therapy brings a solution to all the problems and evils of everyday life such as regaining self-confidence, overcoming certain psychological blocks, sleeping better, improving one’s eyesight… Thus blue calcite helps to improve communication and to fight against stress. Red garnet reactivates the body’s energy, improves sexual life and promotes creativity. The list is endless, virtues of appeasement, protection, stimulation … and it may be enough to simply believe in it to obtain efficient results.