Ten things you never knew about emeralds


Emeralds are rarer than diamonds and did you know baby oil provides them with extra protection? In case you dint know that, then you are in the right place. In this article, you get to know some fascinating facts about this distinctly green precious gem. Colour green is not meant for many people. However, these stones are in their own class. Its hue is unmatched and for this reason, they are highly sorted in the market. It has always surpassed other green gem stones such as tourmaline and peridot as it comes with blueish-green tones. This stone won’t be any good without lore and fanciful. These facts about this mineral will surely enliven the passion you have for this rare specimen. To learn more about the history of this gem, be sure to check out minerals-kingdom.com.

1. Its history’s most ancient treasures

Some of the oldest of this gem dates back approximately three billion years. They were mined first in Egypt around 1500BC and it was believed to stand for rebirth and fertility. Usually, mummies were often buried together with this gem as a symbol of eternal youth. The Aztecs and Incas valued these gems and were even worshipping them as gods. Today, South America is the leading producer of emerald gem globally. Also, Colombia produces the largest number of this mineral as it contributes more than 50% of the worldwide production.

2. The are rarer and most more expensive than diamonds

In terms of expensive and rare stones, diamonds will always come first in our minds. As a matter of fact, this gem is 20 times rarer compared to diamonds. Therefore, it commands a higher price than diamonds. They are an ideal option for people that wish to maximise the size of this mineral with their budget. This is because they look bigger than a diamond of similar carat weight since they are less dense. In 1967, the Gachala emerald was found in Colombia and it weighs 858 carats. It is among the world’s most famous and largest stone. The Mogul Mughal weighs a mere 200 carats but its famous for being the largest inscribed gem.

3. What makes them green?

This precious stone is among one among the four gems recognised to be precious worldwide. The other precious stones are rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Their green colour comes from some trace amounts of chromium or vanadium. The other precious stones can be gotten in various colours but this gem is always green. However, its hues can come in jeep jade or yellow-green.

4. Most of them have inclusions

When it comes to diamonds, clarity always plays a huge role when it comes to valuing a stone. When it comes to emeralds, inclusions are an expectation. Many inclusions are found in 99% of emeralds that occur naturally. So, if you get a stone that doesn’t have inclusions, then there is a high chance the stone is synthetic. The inclusions are usually formed of other crystals, minerals, liquids and gases that they take on while undergoing the crystallization process and they are seen as desirable features. In the trade, its known as Jardin and can create attractive patterns. This makes two stones not to be the same and eventually raise the value of the stone. The clarity of this stone refers to the appearance of the stone on the inside. Usually, the clarity of the stone is assessed by the naked eye instead of using magnification. Because of their inherent inclusions, this stone is mostly treated using resins or oils to boost their clarity while at the same time improving their grade and quality.

5. They are known to have special qualities

As per ancient folklore, when you place this stone under your tongue, it would aid someone to see into the future. Wearing this precious stone was also believed to protect against memory loss and boost intuition. In case you wanted to know if your lover’s promise is true, many believed that this stone would act as a truth potion and help decipher their honesty.

6. They are the softest gems ever known to man

Inclusions add to this stone’s aesthetic as they make them to be more susceptible to cracking when knocked against any hard surface or when exposed to extreme temperature change. A majority of this stone are treated through filling cracks with oil. this prevents chipping. This stone is not to be cleaned using an ultrasound machine or chemicals. Instead, you can use warm water to wash away any dirt, give it time to dry and rub it softly using a soft cloth. Another way of maintaining this stone is by coating the stone with baby oil as a way of taking extra care to ensure the stone does not become extra brittle.

7. They have a royal seal of approval

The duchess of Cambridge to Cleopatra, this stone has something to do with royalty. In 1845, Prince Albert gave approval of a diamond that was gothic-inspired and emerald tiara for her highness queen Victoria. It was made by Joseph Kitching who was a royal jeweller. Some of its features were 19 emeralds that were pear-shaped, the largest weighs 15 carats. In 1911, for Delhi Durbar, Queen Mary came out wearing an amazing Art Deco choker designed from this stone which was gifted by Queen Elizabeth to Princess Diana as a wedding gift. Today, modern day British royals have become huge fans as well. The duchess of Cambridge is also not left behind as she has a whole suit of diamond jewels and emeralds, which includes a bracelet, earrings and necklace. Back in 2018 at the wedding of Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie, the princess wore a tiara decorated with emeralds on either sides.

8. Famous stones

These stones are quite royal and as good as stateside. In 1953, John F Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with a ring made of two carats of emeralds, when his wife passed away, the ring was donated to John F Kennedy presidential Library and Museum. For the 10th wedding anniversary of the couple, John F Kennedy chose these precious stone again while commissioning an eternity ring that featured 10 stones which would represent every year of their marriage. Elizabeth Taylor, being a Hollywood legend, was also not left behind as she had several pieces of emeralds in jewellery in the year 2011. She event went ahead an sold a Pendant made of this stone for several millions.

9 Colour, cut, clarity and carats

Just like other precious stones, this gem is graded by its cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. These four factors play a huge role when it comes to determining the value of the stone. When it comes to this stone, colour is a very crucial factor. The best colour is usually bluish green or a deep vivid green with little or no colour zoning with even saturation. When it comes to its clarity, it can either be grated or judged by use of the naked eye. Educated consumers and jewelry trade member understand why this precious stone needs to have inclusions as they make the stone more valuable. When it comes to cuts, the most common cut is rectangular or square. For the carat weight, it depends mostly on quality for quality. Meaning the price keeps going up when the size increases.

10. They have symbolic meanings

Today, this precious stone is known to symbolize tranquility, attracting harmony, love, abundance and inner wisdom. It is also known to open one’s heart chakra connection through nature growth. Regeneration emeralds are associated closely with inspiration and creativity. This is why is has been a favorite among other minerals. It can be really great for artistic souls. It has been said that if partners want to exchange their faithful vows soon enough, they can consider gifting each other with rings made of this precious stone as they will enjoy many years of everlasting love.


This gem is among the most valuable, beautiful, valuable and undoubtedly the most precious stones worldwide. Some people love to call it green highness because of its unique colour. Besides it being unique because of its green colour, it has also managed to raise some scientific waves. Moreover, it also boosts a plethora of some mythical stories that make this stone even more unique on its own. Another fun fact is that this precious stone are a birthstone of may and they are associated with some astrological signs that is; Gemini and Taurus.

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