Published on : 02 September 20213 min reading time

Jewellery is an accessory that can make all the difference. But how many times have you seen people who were so extravagant that instead of sublimating them, the jewellery they wore had the opposite effect? Follow our advice to match your jewellery to your outfit.


Matching your jewellery to your outfit is not so difficult. Of course, gold and silver are always popular with ladies. But yellow gold and copper would be particularly suitable for warm tones, while silver and white gold would be ideal for cooler tones. Similarly, diamond is one of the stones that can be adapted to all skin tones and outfits. So, enjoy it. However, not everyone can afford the price.

There’s also the rush, whether it’s gold or silver. It can be worn with any type of clothing, whether you like classic or casual style. In addition, fine and discreet jewellery can also be adapted to all tastes and occasions, and don’t forget to stock up on classic jewellery. You’ll need it sooner or later.


The trendy colour? Colourful jewellery. Precious stones come in different colours. This way, you can select a beautiful design on Minerals Kingdom that suits your outfit: evening dress, office clothes, classic outfit… So, if your budget allows it, don’t deprive yourself of it !!!

Moreover, costume jewellery also offers a multitude of choices. So, treat yourself and enhance your elegance with these beautiful accessories.

Beware! Jewellery does not go with strict outfits and white beads do not go with a cool outfit !!! Therefore, it is essential to think about matching your jewellery with your outfit to stay beautiful and seductive at all times.


For earrings, prefer a different shape than your face. For example:

  • for a square face, avoid square earrings
  • for a round, avoid looping them around
  • and so on

For necklaces, the choice is more limited except for those with an X-shaped silhouette. They can wear any model:

  • an O-shape silhouette will go rather with an imposing necklace…
  • an H-shape silhouette will look better with a bulky necklace…
  • and a V-shape silhouette will be highlighted with a long necklace.

Of course, it is very important to match your jewellery to your outfit. But you should also refer to the collar of your top. A V-neck for example requires a long necklace to enhance your neck!

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