Published on : 21 May 20203 min reading time

The jeweller’s job is exciting! But you don’t become a jeweller overnight. To enter the sector, you need to master the necessary techniques and have a few professional tools at your disposal. But which ones? We’re going to take a look at the subject.


To start in the jewelry business, a good craftsman must have all the tools and equipment necessary to work efficiently and professionally. The first thing he must have is a workbench. Then come the following tools:

To measure and support: a ruler, a calliper, a scribing point, a needle, a hat square, a dry-point compass, flat-nosed pliers and serrated pliers.

For cutting and redrilling: saw holder, saw blades, shears, pliers, hand motor and drills

For filing and annealing: a set of needle files, tile files, a firebrick, a torch and tweezers

For soldering and finishing: silver solder, soldering charcoal, a small brush, precision tweezers, a fire point, emery paper, felt discs, polishing paste, steel, wood-headed mallet and a few cabrons.


Indeed, the above list is not exhaustive to start in the jewelry business. One can indeed add other important tools such as: a gauge, a triboulet, a hammer with round purlin, a pliers without form, a hand brush of bench, a calliper in case, a burnisher, a thimble to be embossed, a peg of bench, a hand piece, a wax to be sculptured, a wax to be injected, a chuck carries strip Emeri, a chuck carries grinding wheel.

Moreover, to start in the jewellery industry, it would also be necessary to stock up on glues. But prefer those which are fast setting for a better fixing of your stones. In any case, having a complete set of tools is not enough. It would also be necessary to know the various techniques of jewellery to succeed.


Buying quality tools is a guarantee of the quality of your services. Of course, the investment can be more important, but this choice will guarantee you a better longevity of your equipment and a more precise and professional work. To acquire your tools, go to a specialized shop. However, some online sites also resell these kinds of items at a good price. So don’t hesitate to compare.

Finally, to master the techniques of jewellery making, do not hesitate to make training courses or to train yourself. At least, you will be able to have the basic knowledge.

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