Jewellery made from natural materials responds to the desire to wear fashion accessories that respect nature and the craftsman who makes them. They are made according to an ancestral know-how that uses natural materials to create beautiful and authentic jewellery that harmonizes with all clothing.


To make these beautiful jewels, craftsmen and jewelry designers in natural materials use wood, pearls, shells, mother-of-pearl, feathers, natural stones … to give life to a handcrafted jewel free of plastic or synthetic materials that are harmful to the environment and the planet. In the range of natural jewellery, ethnic wooden jewellery is popular because it highlights a noble material that can be used for all kinds of jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants. In the range of natural jewellery, certain materials such as ivory or teak wood must be excluded.


The over-exploitation of nature poses a real ecological problem and one must choose from the range of natural materials that are not likely to harm nature or the people who produce them for a living. A large number of jewels made of natural materials are manufactured with respect for nature and the environment and make it possible to enjoy beautiful, authentic and original jewels with the advantage of never going out of fashion, unlike many other trendy jewels. The collections of wooden jewellery, pearls, shells, feathers and others are constantly renewed because they are inspired by handcrafted designs from the four corners of the planet.


Nothing could be easier than to indulge yourself with beautiful jewellery made of natural materials. They bring an original touch to any outfit thanks to the use of natural materials such as shells, feathers, wood, pearls…Wooden jewellery is particularly refined because it is the result of a craft that is inspired by authentic and original ancestral patterns. From time immemorial and in all cultures of the world, men have fashioned jewellery with wood associated with pearls, leather, shells… With natural and ethnic jewellery, we are a thousand miles away from all these costume jewellery made industrially and which only last for a short time.