If choosing your wedding dress is a crucial step in the look of your big day, it’s not the only one. For the outfit to be just right, there are a few important details to consider. While the bridal veil remains a classic accessory, nowadays, one trend is becoming a very popular alternative, and that is hair accessories. To complete the picture, we are talking about jewellery and hairstyling.


Hair accessories are additional elements to give a touch of glamour to your wedding look. Every bride certainly already has a definite idea of what she wants, it can be a rock wedding, a princess wedding, a wedding with a musical theme, etc. Indeed, this will allow her to organise everything the way she wants. So for head jewellery, it all depends on her style:

For a princely wedding: it’s obvious to choose a tiara since it’s an accessory for a princess. It is preferable to wear it on loose hair. It is also advisable to choose a model not too voluminous;

For a country or bohemian wedding: hair accessories such as a flower wreath or a flowery jewel will be perfect. Also, you can choose from different materials for flower wreaths: tulle, silk, lace, natural flowers, etc.

For a classy wedding: head jewellery embellished with rhinestones, crystals or pearls are to be preferred.


To find an original hair accessory, you can adopt a headband. It goes perfectly with all types of hairstyles and with all hair lengths. It gives a rather retro effect of the 20s. It is still important to wear it correctly, i.e. not too tightly.


Several physical or online shops offer a wide range of hair accessories. However, to have an original and unique model, all you have to do is make your own head jewelry. To do this, you can use natural flowers but you have to make it at the last moment. You can also make a headbang in lace, pearl or rhinestone.

We can say that a hair accessory is not the centerpiece of a wedding outfit but it is essential to perfect the look.