The perfect model for a man's watch

Like a tie or a scarf, the watch is one of those accessories that make all the difference and help to sublimate an outfit. From elegant leather models to sporty-style watches and trendy wooden products, men's watches come in a wide variety of models. To find out which one best reflects your personality, we invite you to follow the advice below.


The mechanism is an essential element to take into account when choosing your watch. There are different types of mechanisms that affect how the watch works and how it is set: The quartz watch: this is the most common model. This type of watch runs on a battery. Inexpensive, the quartz watch seduces by its simplicity and practicality. If you are interested, think of seeing this site for more information. The mechanical watch: the fruit of an ancestral and rigorous know-how, the mechanical watch is prized by people looking for unique products. Operating without batteries, it must be wound regularly to continue to indicate the time. The hybrid watch combines the advantages of mechanical and quartz models. It works thanks to an energy accumulator. The connected watch: the latest in watches, it gives pride of place to technology. A real wrist computer, it has many functions.


When buying a men's watch, be sure to pay close attention to the glass as well as the strap. The glass has an essential role. It is the glass that protects the watch and its components from shocks and external aggressions. There are 3 different types of glass: The mineral glass: this is the most frequently encountered type of glass. It is renowned for its resistance to UV rays and shocks. Acrylic glass: it is characterized by its great hardness. It offers optimal protection against scratches. Sapphire or Plexiglas glass: very light, it is nevertheless resistant and is often used in watches intended for sports use. The bracelet must also be chosen with great care. It is the bracelet that dresses your wrist and gives the watch its elegance: The leather strap: it is the most common and essential material. It adapts to all styles and can be in different colours. Its quality varies however according to the brands. The metal bracelet: often made of steel, it is extremely robust. For luxury models, noble metals (gold, platinum, etc.) are used. The rubber strap: light, comfortable, flexible and economical, it is however not very resistant. The wooden strap: pleasant to wear, wooden watches are trendy and ecological. The silicone strap: very solid, it is ideal for a casual and sporty style.


If a watch on display in the shop window caught your eye, first make sure it is the right size. Nothing is more unsightly than a watch that doesn't fit your wrist. So, if you have a thin wrist, avoid models that are too big, such as chronograph watches for example. A watch that is too large can be heavy to wear and handicap you in your daily activities. Conversely, large men's watches are ideal for people with muscular forearms. In this field, it's all a question of morphology. When it comes to the shape of the watch, you'll be spoilt for choice. From classic round and rectangular models to boldly designed watches, brands compete with each other in boldness and ingenuity to seduce customers. While buying a watch that breaks with traditional codes is a good thing, make sure it remains practical and functional. In particular, check the location of the device that allows you to adjust the watch. Make sure that it is easily accessible and does not get in the way.


Apart from practical criteria, it is important to choose a watch that matches your look and personality. Visible to everyone, the watch is a strong indicator of your state of mind as well as your mood. In order not to make a mistake, here are a few tips that will guide you on the style of watch to adopt: The sports watch: designed for a sporty use, it can be worn very easily with a polo shirt and jeans for a casual style. The city style watch: chic and classic, this watch model will never go out of fashion. It goes perfectly with a suit. The connected watch: a true compendium of technology, it is for men who like to be in tune with their time.

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