Ethnic jewelry, we love them for their original and authentic patterns, their colorful hues but also because they are made from natural materials. Some are fair trade, respectful of the craftsmen who create them using natural components, non-polluting and environmentally friendly resources.


To sum up simply, respect for the man who produces the products and for the nature that provides the noble natural materials that go into their manufacture. Today, ethnic jewels are very trendy and we like to wear them for their chic and natural side. They are handcrafted in workshops around the world and often resold through fair trade. When we wear them, we realize that they are enough on their own to add sparkle and a touch of originality to any outfit. Indian necklace, African bracelet, oriental earrings, Tuareg pendant… These irresistible and timeless jewels have in common that they are made of natural materials, alloys of precious metals that give them an original and authentic look.


When we look at the materials used in the manufacture of ethnic jewellery, we find precious or semi-precious metals, solid silver as well as a wide variety of natural materials such as leather, shells, wood, coral, pearls… The creation of ethnic jewellery whatever the country of origin results from a mixture of materials, original and atypical patterns imagined by distant ethnic groups. Today these products have become trendy accessories that allow a different conception of fashion to those who choose this style of jewelry.


Ethnic jewellery uses only natural materials and is handcrafted. Craftsmen work them with meticulous attention to detail to turn them into real goldsmith’s treasures made of precious metals, silver or metal. Ethnic jewellery enthusiasts choose them for their original motifs, which they respond to an atypical fashion trend to the point that some people adopt them as a new way of life. There is something for all tastes, from the simplest to the most extravagant, discreet or colourful. The offer in ethnic jewellery is inexhaustible and takes us on an endless journey to discover the treasures of the planet’s craftsmanship.